Standardisation Activities

GPII/Cloud4all partners are actively involved in different standardisation initiatives, as international standards are an important foundation for technological progress, interoperability and accessibility.

In general, our top-level goals are:

  1. Reuse existing standards and technologies (in particular by mainstream), wherever possible.
  2. Develop and validate new standards on GPII technologies, wherever necessary.
  3. Work towards harmonization, adoption and inclusion of the GPII standards in standardization, industry, research and governments.

You can find detailed information at the GPII/Cloud4all wiki about standardisation in general and specifically about its roadmap

Cloud4all has had an impact to date mainly on three key standards :

  • ISO/IEC 24751 is being restructured significantly as a result of this work, converting from a regular standard into a Registry based standard.
  • The W3C IndieUI has already begun using the Cloud4all common terms and will be using the Common Terms Registry. The Common Terms Registry is being developed as a joint effort of Cloud4all and the ISO/IEC SC35 Working Group. It would create Registry of Terms that can serve as a sort of “dictionary” of terms that can be used in creating metadata and Needs & Preferences statements. The objective is to reduce variation through the use of common terminology – thus enhancing interoperability.
  • ISO/IEC 24752 is also undergoing revision led by one of the Cloud4all investigators with attention to Cloud4all/GPII compatibility being borne in mind. Standards that are currently closed but will likely benefit from Cloud4all work have been identified and are being tracked

A list of the main standards where GPII is involved is presented below.

 International Standardisation

National standardisation

Cooperation and concertation activities

Collaboration on governmental regulatory agencies

Other standards relevant to Cloud4all are those related to Personalization.