Cloud4all is a highly multi-faceted project that aims to build a platform that will be used in the real world while purchasing scientific excellence. Thus, Cloud4all will have an impact on many different groups of users:

  • Scientific community. Cloud4all is moving beyond the state of the art in several aspects, such as the context-aware adaptation of accessibility features or the calculation of the most appropriate preferences from several sources of data. All of our scientific advances will be presented in relevant journals and conferences.
  • Mainstream industry and vendors. Any solution can benefit from integrating with Cloud4all. Solutions will be easily discoverable, and entry barriers for new users will be dramatically reduced.
  • Users. When Cloud4all gets implemented, users with and without functional impairments will be able to perform any ICT-related task much more easily.
  • End-user associations.  User associations and service providers will be able to offer their services to a wider audience, leaving no one behind.
  • Developers. Developers will find much easier to develop ATs or to include accessibility features into their products. Nowadays, accessibility is considered more as an extra feature of software than a requirement, and it is usually considered at the latter stages of the project. With Cloud4all, developers will find it much more easy to include accessibility features in their products.
  • Policy makers. Cloud4all will have an impact on standards, and will foster a paradigm shift in accessibility. New projects and services can benefit greatly from Cloud4all’s outcomes. Cloud4all can make sure that public services leave no one behind, therefore making e-Government more universal than now.