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New! Cloud4all behind the scenes: How personalisation works for Bob

Cloud4all personalisation suiting Bob’s needs

Bob logs into a machine and is unsatisfied with the configuration he gets. He uses the try different button shown via the PCP. Each time he clicks it, the system is set up with a new configuration. After a few clicks he is happy with the configuration given.

C4A functionality demoed in this video

Match Maker dispatching, the PCP and ‘try different’ functionality (requesting C4A to guess on a different configuration to the system).

Bob’s Story

Bob is losing his sight lately. He prefers to use “regular” configuration for Windows (with just the cursor being enlarged) and move his face close to the screen to read as much as possible. However, it does not work everywhere or with all devices. Light conditions, the screen size, its angle, the kind of content or his fatigue greatly affect his ability to read the screen. When this happens, he finds that he needs different Windows features turned on and configured even during the same day and on the same device. He is never sure which one will work in each situation though.

New! Cloud4all behind the scenes: How personalisation works for Alicia

Cloud4all personalisation suiting Alicia’s needs

Alicia logs in into a MS Windows machine, and the system is configured according to her needs and preferences on multiple levels.

C4A functionality demoed in this video

Multi-Layer adaptation: Applying settings across different layers (Built-in OS, installed AT, browser configuration, online AT)

Alicia’s Story

Alicia is a 78-year old immigrant who started experiencing macular degeneration. She’s never liked technology and is having increasing difficulty with it.  However, as she is losing her vision – she finds that she has to figure out how to use technology or lose her access to information. Last time she went to her therapist, the therapist introduced her to a screen reader to read things aloud when she can’t read them. She still prefers to read, and uses the screen reader only when she needs to.  Mostly it is too complicated to move about the screen with the screen reader. Even when she can see the screen – it is often too confusing for her. To keep sharp and informed, she resolved to read an online international newspaper daily but she gets lost with all the information, links and banners; and the Black-on-White text tires her eyes a lot.


Bob & Anna´s Story (Cloud4all/Watching TV)

Bob & Anna have recently retired and think is time to enjoy life. They both go for groceries, walk around the park and enjoy their favourite TV series very often. Bob has a low vision impairment, whereas Anna still sees ok. Hereby when watching TV, Bob needs a high contrast and audio description so that he can fully understands the context and action of the movie. This is a burden for Anna, nonetheless thanks to Cloud4all and GPIII, a solution can be reached. Afterpersonalising the settings, Bob can plug-in the headphones in order to get the audio description there while the main audio remains the same. Contrast can be adjusted to the mid-level so that they both  can coexist. Whenever Bob leaves the room, Anna can easily deactivate Bob´s features and get back to normal. Bob can easily do the same.

 Cloud4all Stories. An impact in Alicia´s life

Alicia is a 70 years old pensioner living in a house for the elderly. Additionally, she suffers some sort of visual impairment. Even though she is willing to catch up with the current world news, Alicia sometimes has problems due to her special needs when surfing the web. She requires a high contrast and a big font size at least in order to navigate easily. Nonetheless these settings are not easy to adjust, therefore every time she uses a computer, she needs help for that. Here is where magic happens with Cloud4all and GPII due to the fact that only by keying-in a USB pen-drive all these adjustments are made automatically without the need to seek external help.

Cloud4all at La1 TV Channel (Spanish)

“Sorteo ONCE”, the TV programme where Cloud4all was mentioned, was followed by more than 1.3 million Spaniards last December 12th 2015. Cloud4all was broadcasted in prime time at La 1, one of the TVE channels, the Spanish Public Corporation.

Around 1.327.000 people (8,5% share) watched the “Sorteo ONCE” TV Programme last Saturday December 12th at 21:50, where Cloud4all was presented to the audience.

Check out this video at the TVE website (only available in Spanish)

Cloud4all video at the Sorteo ONCE programme at La1

Cloud4all video at the Sorteo ONCE programme at La1

Cloud4all video from the user side

This time the story is told from the user perspective and in Spanish. Manuel Ortega and Lourdes González from Ilunion explain the development and potentiality of the project. Moreover, the video contains some testimonials from users taken from different open days.

Cloud4all Developers speak out!

Cloud4all consortium has just released a dissemination video, this time focused on developers & implementers. Kasper Marcus from raising the floor introduces the concept of the GPII as well as the personalisation piece of Cloud4all. Thomas Soens from vision highlights the difficulty of configuring certain features in many devices, hereby Cloud4all intends to automatise those features in all devices just with a sole account. Ferrán Gallego from Code factory explains the integration of Cloud4all and their Mobile Accessiblity for Android App . Finally Andrés Iglesias points out the automatic adaptation of the interface according to the context & environment (too much light, too little, too much noise, etc).

Cloud4all, a briefing from the Academia

Players from the dream team of accessibility such as Gregg Vanderheiden (Raising the floor), Jutta Treviranus (IDRC), Pier Luigi Eimilini (e-Inclusion lab florence), Sylvain Giroux (Sherbrooke University) or Patrick Roe (EPFL) comment on this video the overall scientific idea of the project and its theorietical implications in other fields.

Taking the train

This video presents how Cloud4all/GPII will work in a naturalistic environment, adapting the accessibility features of a ticket vending machine in a train station.

Maavis and Cloud4all

Maavis is a software developed by OpenDirective that provides greatly simplified access to media, communications, web and programs on a computer. It is primarily designed for people who are either unsure of computers or unable to use them without adaptation. This video presents an overview of Maavis and how Maavis has been integrated with the Cloud4all architecture, and how using Cloud4all/GPII the User Interface of Maavis adapts to two different sets of needs and preferences.

Cloud4all/GPII and Read&Write Gold

Read&Write Gold is a flexible literacy software solution developed by TextHelp that helps students with reading, writing, studying and research. Read&Write Gold is an easy-to-use customizable toolbar that helps improve learning and comprehension, hence providing the support tools needed at school, work, or home. With Cloud4all/GPII, Read&Write Gold is able to automatically adapt its user interface to the needs and preferences of different users, that are stored in the cloud.

‘A glimpse at the future: sharing the state of the art in accessibility’ session @ AAATE 2013 (Playlist)

On September 19, 2013, the Cloud4all project organized a set of activities within the framework of the AAATE 2013 Conference. One of these activities was the organization of an Open workshop named ‘A glimpse at the future: sharing the state of the art in accessibility’, where representatives from different european projects presented the work that is being carried out in their projects and looked for ways of collaboration among the different projects. This playlist includes the presentations of Cloud4all (by Kasper Markus), APSIS4all (by Manuel Ortega), ETNA (by Valerio Gower), AALUIS and ModelAccess.