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Survey on Accessibility in Travel

ILUNION Technology and Accessibility and ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Spain are developing a study on travel behavior and accessibility in travel in different countries/ worldwide. The aim is to investigate the preferences, values and satisfaction of tourists travelling around Europe, North America and Asia.

In this survey, there are questions about frequency of travel, preferred destinations, means of transport, etc. In addition to this, there are other questions aimed to evaluating the satisfaction about the adaptation of tourist facilities, resources and services regarding the travellers’ needs and preferences.

This questionnaire is open to ALL TOURISTS WITH DISABILITIES AND ELDERLY, who have done at least with one trip with an overnight stay over the last 2 years, that want to participate in this study and wish to contribute regarding their travelling experience. We would like to remark that responses received are anonymous, and will be analysed for research purposes.

This questionnaire will take only 10-15 minutes, and will be available until July 24th. This is the link to access to the online questionnaire: http://accessibilityintravel.consultaopinion.com/

We kindly ask you to disseminate the survey through your networks and contacts in order to get as many responses as possible.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

New Cloud4all videos on YouTube!

Check out our latest videos, explaining how Cloud4all can benefit users with different needs:

  • Cloud4all behind the scenes: How personalisation works for Alicia“: Alicia is a 78-year old immigrant who started experiencing macular degeneration. She’s never liked technology and is having increasing difficulty with it.  However, as she is losing her vision – she finds that she has to figure out how to use technology or lose her access to information. Last time she went to her therapist, the therapist introduced her to a screen reader to read things aloud when she can’t read them. She still prefers to read, and uses the screen reader only when she needs to.  Mostly it is too complicated to move about the screen with the screen reader. Even when she can see the screen – it is often too confusing for her. To keep sharp and informed, she resolved to read an online international newspaper daily but she gets lost with all the information, links and banners; and the Black-on-White text tires her eyes a lot.
  • Cloud4all behind the scenes: How personalisation works for Bob“: Bob is losing his sight lately. He prefers to use “regular” configuration for Windows (with just the cursor being enlarged) and move his face close to the screen to read as much as possible. However, it does not work everywhere or with all devices. Light conditions, the screen size, its angle, the kind of content or his fatigue greatly affect his ability to read the screen. When this happens, he finds that he needs different Windows features turned on and configured even during the same day and on the same device. He is never sure which one will work in each situation though.

You can check all Cloud4all videos at our Media section.

Check out the latest Cloud4all report

Cloud4all has recently launched its latest report: “D5.0 Cloud4all description and innovation”

This document presents comprehensively and sharply the results of Cloud4all from different perspectives: main innovations, users’ view, the Cloud4all engine, developers’ view and scientific approach. All the contents is also scattered throughout this website.

Download D5.0 Cloud4all description and innovation

Cloud4all Video from the user side

Latest video from Cloud4all. This time the story is told from the user perspective and in Spanish. Manuel Ortega and Lourdes Garcia from Ilunion explain the development and potentiality of the project. Moreover, the video contains some testimonials from users taken from different open days.

People around Cloud4all stand

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GPII/Cloud4all/P4all in Málaga


logo ILUNION (Without letters)The last 12th of March, Ilunion celebrated a GPII/Cloud4all/P4all Open Day at their Malaga premises. Due to the fact that some of the researchers working for this project are placed there, a dissemination event was organised with two target audiences, on the one hand a delegation of Computer Science and Engineering students from Utrech University (The Netherlands)  and on the other, professionals working in the transport services industry.

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Visit us @ the European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing!

ILUNION will hold an Open Day about Cloud4all/GPII & APSIS4all in its booth, and HDM will give a presentation about Cloud4all/GPII.Picture showing the European Summit on Innovation banner

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Cloud4all inspiring new models of CSR

ILUNION participated in a session about Shared Experiences towards a Corporate Social Responsibility Model (in Spanish, “Jornada de Experiencias Compartidas para un Modelo de RSE”), in the framework of the 4th National Congress of Corporate Social Responsibility last 11th February in Zaragoza (Spain).

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