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Cloud4all Alicia´s Story

There is a new video from the Cloud4all Story series produced and edited by Singular Logic. The intention behind these series is to give insights about the real impact, use and application of Cloud4all. This time the story of Alicia is depicted. Alicia is a 70 years old pensioner living in a house for the elderly. Additionally, she suffers some sort of visual impairment. Even though she is willing to catch up with the current world news, Alicia sometimes has problems due to her special needs when surfing the web. She requires a high contrast and a big font size at least in order to navigate easily. Nonetheless these settings are not easy to adjust, therefore every time she uses a computer, she needs help for that. Here is where magic happens with Cloud4all and GPII due to the fact that only by keying-in a USB pen-drive all these adjustments are made automatically without the need to seek external help. Our partners from Singular Logic have successfully shown a down to earth application of Cloud4all.


Alicia using a public computer

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Prosperity4all: access to technology for everyone

(Published originaly in Cordis En, Fr, Es, It, Pol)

EU researchers are developing a new, broad-ranging, cloud-based infrastructure that makes the Internet more accessible for users with special needs. The new ‘ecosystem’ enables people previously excluded from ICT to get help using technology and aims to use their feedback to develop new apps and services. 

Prosperity4all Logo

Prosperity4all Logo

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Two browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox developed within the Cloud4all project scheme


These browsers´add-ons extend their functionalities in order to convey users´preferences. Moreover it also allows to modify the design of websites. Currently, these extensions use the internal browers´mechanisms in order to apply the adaptations of all visible interfaces.


For more specific information, read on and give a try!:

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