Cloud4all/GPII is designed to address key systemic problems related to accessibility, in order to lower or remove barriers that currently prevent people with disability from a full inclusion in society, and that prevent them from using device, services, and communities that are increasingly using and relying on digital interfaces.

Cloud4all/GPII is creating an infrastructure to automatically launch, customize and kill (when not needed any more) applications, assistive technologies and settings on GPII-compatible devices , across 5 configuration layers (operating system, assistive technologies, applications, cloud-based services, and web sites) to provide a satisfying, accessible user experience to anyone.

User interaction needs and preferences (N&P) are stored and whenever the user wants to use a device, the device is customised according to the user’s N&P that are smarty translated into the available, appropriate device settings, AT, etc.

The user just needs to carry a token in a USB stick or NFC card to customize any Cloud4all/GPII-enabled device, anywhere. Any electronic device, such as computers, phones, tablets, TVs, ATM or vending machines are examples of the future scope of GPII.

At this moment, Cloud4all/GPII has some proofs of concept that let users customize common operating systems, most used browsers and regular assistive technology (AT). Customization is just software but nothing prevents Cloud4all/GPII to configure peripherals in future.