The GPII is being built by several projects and initiatives. To learn more about which part is being built by each project, click on the name of the project in the list below.

  • User Awareness
    Users find out something exists for them
  • Needs & Prefs Discovery Aid
    User can find out which types of things help them
  • Needs & Prefs Storage
    Users can store needs & preferences for later use
  • GPII UL & Marketplace
    Find all solutions, AT & mainstream device / feature / service
  • Shopping Aid
    Users can use their profile to find just what helps them
  • Prefs & Perm Server
    User needs & preferences stored securely and available anywhere
  • Real Time Matching
    Prefs and context used to determine best fit, here, now
  • Delivery / Launch mgmt
    Built in + AT are auto adjusted and launched, anywhere
  • Media & Materials
    Auto-augmentation transformation and/or replacement
  • Assistance on Demand (AOD)
    Users can call up any assistance anywhere
  • Developers’ Space
    Free & commercial parts to speed dev and lower costs
  • Consumers & Experts connection
    Experts, consumers, testers, etc. to help new developers
  • Service Creation Tools
    To make it easy to create AOD, media & material service
  • GPII UL & Marketplace
    Developers can quickly, efficiently market worldwide
  • u-Finance u-Payment Inf
    Mechanism for Financing R&D and service delivery

The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure

GPII is a project of the Raising the Floor Consortium, a consortium of academic, industry and non-governmental organization and individuals.

The purpose of the GPII is to ensure that everyone who faces accessibility barriers due to disability, literacy, digital literacy or aging, and regardless of economic resources, can access and use the Internet and all its information, communities, and services for education, employment, daily living, civic participation, health, and safety.

The GPII is being developed via the funding of different European and North-American programs and initiatives. Click on the names of the projects at the beginning of the page to get more information about each of these projects.

Learn more about GPII in GPII’s official website


Cloud4all is a EC-funded, 7FP project that will develop a complete new paradigm in accessibility, by augmenting adaptation of individual products and services (2nd generation) with automatic personalization of any mainstream product or service a user encounters, using cloud technologies to activate and augment any natural (built-in) accessibility or installed access features the product or service has or recommending the appropriate third-party solutions, based on the user’s needs and preferences.

Within the scope of the GPII, Cloud4all will be responsible of setting up the basic infrastructure and developing proof-of-concept implementations of the auto-configuration capabilities in up to 19 platforms, devices and applications


Prosperity4all focuses on developing the infrastructure to allow a new ecosystem to grow; one that is based on self-rewarding collaboration, that can reduce redundant development, and create the robust cross-platform spectrum of mainstream and assistive technologies based access solutions required.

This will be done through a process based on true value propositions for all stakeholders and resulting in a system that can profitably serve markets as small as one, at a personally and societally affordable cost.

Learn more about Prosperity4all is Prosperity4all’s official website

United States’ Department of Education

The Department of Education of the United States will provide the funding needed to develop the needs and preferences discovery aid took, that will help users with no digital literacy to find out what types of things might help them.

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers

The funding provided by the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers will be used to build the ‘Shopping aid’ tool, that will allow users to use their profile to find just what helps them